Benefits of selling your house to real estate investors

Published: 17th November 2010
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When you need to sell your house, you must sell it fast, whether it is an investment property or your own home.

Following the traditional methods to sell it may not work at all, or may not even be possible. Here are some of the reasons real estate investors may be the best buyers for your house.

People traditionally seek real estate agents to list their house in the MLS and sell their houses. With the advent of the internet, more and more people have open options to sell their houses on their own.

Real estate investors buy and sell lots of properties on the market. Selling your house to a regular home buyer may be different from selling to a real estate investor.

So when would a real estate investor be the best buyer for your property?

1) Cannot sell traditionally

Most people list their houses with a real estate agent. With so many houses lying on the market with no buyers, you find your listing has expired after a few months.

Still you must sell your house.

The next choice is to sell to real estate investors who may be looking for bargain properties. You must be flexible because the real estate investor must have a way to make some money from your house.

2) No equity

You must have around 6% equity to sell your house through a real estate agent. Sometimes your house does not have this kind of equity.

A real estate investor can still buy your house even with little or no equity. Most investors have creative ways of buying houses like these. Again flexibility on your part will be important to get your house sold.

3) Speed

Sometimes it is necessary to sell your house fast. The process of putting it in the MLS lone can take two weeks. Most real estate investors can close real estate transaction is 7 to 14 days.

4) Repairs

It may be necessary to do repairs before you can sell your house. You cannot sell the house if you cannot afford repairs.

Real estate investors will buy your house as it is and do repairs themselves.

5) Legal trouble

Sometimes things just happen: divorce, liens such as tax liens. Or you have fallen behind on your mortgage payments and need to sell it fast to avoid foreclosure. Maybe you inherited a property with mortgage payments.

If you relocate you might find yourself making 2 mortgage payments.

Or you have been burned by bad tenants. The list goes on and on.

Ultimately, real estate investors may be your best option to sell your house fast.

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